Quality Policy


Mendel University in Brno (MENDELU) announces, in order to fulfil the objectives defined in the MENDELU Long-Term Plan of Educational and Scientific, Research, Development and Innovation, Artistic and Other Creative Activity and in order to set up the overall University management system in a way allowing continuous improvement, this Quality Policy:


1)      The purpose of the quality management system is to define quality requirements in all areas of MENDELU activity. It is a tool used to create conditions for fulfilling the quality objectives and for ensuring continuous improvement.

2)      Quality assurance and care for improving the quality take into account challenges associated with the extent of the disciplines to which MENDELU dedicates itself in its activities.

3)      Through the quality management system, MENDELU creates conditions for development, satisfying the needs and building a sense of trust and loyalty of all interested parties, i.e. employees, students, graduates, employers, state administration and the general public.

4)      Employees, students and other interest groups are key contributors to the development of University strategies and mechanisms in the area of quality and standards.

5)      The basis for assessing and attempting to improve the quality of all processes is the comparison of selected indicators with reference values aimed at finding potential improvements.

6)      As part of its operation in the international area, MENDELU puts emphasis on propagation of good practices among partners within the framework of already existing relations, as well as on development and establishment of new partnerships that will contribute to quality development.

7)      The quality policy and quality objectives are fulfilled and respected by all parts of MENDELU. All employees are involved in their fulfilment. They thus assume responsibility for continuous improvement of their part and the whole institution.

8)      The quality policy is part of the MENDELU strategic management and is communicated to all interested parties.

9)      This policy is translated into practice through the quality management system which is coordinated by the MENDELU Internal Evaluation Board.

10)   All policies and processes related to the quality and standards are subject to regular revisions to ensure conformity with their purpose and rapidly changing internal and external environment.


Brno, March 2016



prof. RNDr. Ladislav Havel, CSc.


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