Internal Quality Evaluation

Pursuant to Section 77 of Act 111/1998 Coll, On Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Other Act, an university is obliged to establish and maintain a system of quality assurance of educational, creative and related activities of the university. This assessment is based on the application of internal quality assessment standards and procedures, the development of an internal quality assessment report, which describes the universitie's qualitative achievements in educational and creative activities and the measures taken to address any identified shortcomings. The internal quality assessment report is produced every 4 years by the Internal Assessment Board and is updated annually with amendments describing the changes in quality and management measures. The internal evaluation report, including its amendments, is presented to the bodies of MENDELU and its components and is published for the National Accreditation Authority for Higher Education and for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

Internal quality evaluation is performed every year, for the first time it was realised in 2017.

Internal Quality Evaluation 2022

Internal Quality Evaluation schedule:

16. 5. 2022 begining of Internal Quality Evaluation for all levels
15. 6. 2022 end of evaluation collection for IV. level
23. 6. 2022 end of evaluation collection for III. level
30. 6. 2022 end of evaluation collection for II. level
8. 7. 2022 end of evaluation collection for I. level and end of Internal Quality Evaluation 2022


Report on Internal Quality Assessment


Standards and Procedures of Internal Quality Evaluation

We have created Internal Quality Evaluation Standards and Procedures, which are updated every year. This documents are written for each of 4 levels separtely and it is individual for each part of university. Documents are used to describe the principles if internal assassment and to define quality criteria, indicators and standards within each activity area.

You can download Standards and Procedures 2022 for 4th level:



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