Risk Management System

The risk management system has been gradually introduced at MENDELU since 2016 when it was anchored in the strategic documents for the next period as one of the priority objectives. During 2016, the concept of the system was created and discussed, and the methodology of the risk management system was created and approved in the following year. In March 2019, the Rector's methodological instructions were issued to regulate the management of strategic and process risks.

Risk management is a process that involves risk assessment, risk treatment and risk monitoring, including an early warning system. Its benefits are the complex knowledge of threats and the minimization of the undesirable impacts from them.

The purpose is not to identify and treat all risks, but to be able to decide which risks are essential and need to be treated and which risks can be accepted without further action.


Risk management process

 Risk management process


MENDELU applies a centralized risk management model where all risk management activities are coordinated from one place - the Risk Management Department.


Information flow in a centralizedrisk management model:


a) strategic risks

strategic risks




b) process risks


process risks



Full arrows express the mandatory information link necessary for effective risk management. Dashed arrows indicate a specific information link that does not affect common risk management.

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